Our Story

Defining Stonebridge (stōn-brĭj) : Structure for crossing obstacles. Designed to withstand time and forces of nature. Often used to unite and close gaps between peoples and their desired destination.

In this case Stonebridge is the independent financial services company that helps clients meet their financial goals through investment planning, wealth management, risk management and estate transfer.

Stonebridge Financial Partners is a wealth management firm committed to providing the tools and resources that allow you and your loved ones to live your life by design, not by default. Our customized programs are designed to help conserve and grow your wealth by delivering sound guidance and an unparalleled level of personalized service. Like most stone bridges that have stood the test of time, our firm was built on a strong foundation. That foundation is anchored in Trust, Transparency and Accountability.

Trust, Transparency and Accountability

Our mission is dedicated to being trusted lifetime wealth coaches focused on improving financial confidence through education, professional advice and superior service. We accomplish this by delivering on our three guiding principles: trust, transparency and accountability – to help our clients make informed, educated decisions.

We deliver trust by always keeping your best interests in mind. Our clients understand that we’re here to help them achieve their financial goals and objectives, and by establishing a relationship based on trust, they may gain financial confidence and security with our firm.

We focus on transparency by providing clients with a wealth of knowledge and continually communicating with them, giving you insight into how and why we make decisions. Our goal is to keep clients informed on decisions that affect your financial future.

And finally, we provide accountability. It’s one thing to make a promise, but we value integrity, so we make sure to always deliver on our word. Our team ensures each member is providing the trust, transparency and accountability our clients have come to expect from our firm.