Business Planning

You’re a business owner – you made your dream a reality, with your own two hands.

You’re used to being the one who makes the tough calls. But who do you turn to when you have questions?

Our team is dedicated to helping your business thrive. We’ll help you grow and protect your assets, put together tax-smart strategies, and prepare to pass your dream on to the next generation when the time comes. 


79% of business owners plan to exit in the next 10 years.

But planning to exit isn’t the same as having a plan. We’ll help you get there with confidence.

Tailored Solutions. Trusted Advice.

We specialize in tax planning, business valuations, employee benefits and incentives, wealth accumulation models, risk mitigation and more.

Our passion at Stonebridge Financial Partners is to make the complex simple. Let’s bring your planning in line with your dreams, so you and your business are positioned to make an impact and leave a lasting legacy.


Integrated Planning

Business owners have unique needs due to the large percentage of their wealth in one concentrated position, the business. Let’s make sure your business plan and personal financial plan are aligned. Our team works with you to understand key areas, such as your corporate structure, potential tax liabilities and exit strategy, to help you proactively plan for the future and leave a lasting legacy.

Tax Planning

How will you protect your business and your personal wealth? Business owners need proactive advice – strategic planning can save you taxes and provide more assets to invest in your company and personal goals. Tax planning involves creating strategies around your corporate structure and plan for expansion, the location of your business, income/distribution planning and coordinating your plan with relevant parties.

Employee Benefits

Your goal as a business owner is to attract and retain high-quality employees. Supplying the correct benefits – including retirement, health, life and disability plans – allows your team to compete for and retain top performers. Our team will evaluate your current benefits and providers, and help you coordinate benefit plans within your budget.

Financial Management

We specialize in the complex banking needs unique to business owners. We’ll evaluate your need for bank debt, lines of credit, short-term cash flow, long-term expenditures or investments and more. It’s also key to weigh the impact of debt on your personal financial statement – we help with that, too.

Strategic Management

Our in-house business evaluation team will review your business plan and compare your measures to industry metrics. We deploy an ongoing process alongside you and your management team to develop a transformation strategy to pursue your goals. We will meet on a consistent basis to evaluate your progress and discuss strategic initiatives.

Business Structure

Our in-house Advanced Solutions team will help you evaluate whether your current business structure matches your immediate needs, growth plan and eventual succession or exit plan. The correct structure can save you in taxes and provide a smooth track for expansion or purchase.

Risk Management

Our team will complete an overall assessment of your current risk in the business, so together we can uncover solutions that take your business to the next level. By identifying key areas and the overall impact on the stability of the business, you can deploy strategies to accept, avoid, mitigate, transfer or reduce risk.

Business Valuation

Our team will complete a formal evaluation of your business using industry metrics. Establishing this baseline gives you time to establish the correct accounting, tax, and business analytics to optimize financials. The valuation can help you optimize financials and sets the foundation to leverage lending, succession, and growth opportunities.

Operational Efficiency

By increasing operational intelligence, our team will help you to create an efficiency plan to improve day-to-day business operations, as well as move your business from a reactive to proactive entity. A business with established efficiencies can adjust to dynamic, ever-changing market conditions.

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation

A nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plan allows executives to defer a large portion of compensation – and corresponding income tax – to a later year, ideally when your tax bracket is expected to be lower. Through the course of your and/or your key employees’ careers, this scheduled distribution structure can cover shorter-term goals, such as college tuitions, or long-term goals, such as retirement.

Incentive Plan

The success of your business is often dependent on attracting and retaining key employees. We work with owners to create a tangible plan – one that might include stock options, partnership, insurance benefits – that incentivizes key employees to drive increased revenue, achieve key strategic initiatives and remain loyal to your business.

When Should I Start Worrying About Putting Together My Estate Plan?

Answered by Sarah Duey, JD, CFTA, CAP®, Vice President, Trust Services