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Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Highly complex needs can require sophisticated solutions.

Retirement Plan Sponsors are responsible for providing their employees with a retirement plan that maximizes the benefit to the participants while working efficiently for the company. Your success story is built on strategic planning beginning with the business owner down to the smallest detail.

The difference of advisors who focus on retirement plans

At Stonebridge Financial Partners, our Retirement Plan Specialists focus on employer-sponsored retirement plans. We have the knowledge and experience needed to guide our retirement plan clients toward their strategic goals. Working with plan sponsors, we structure efficient, well organized retirement plans specific to your organization’s goals.

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Comprehensive retirement plan consulting

Can you, as a fiduciary, answer YES to all these questions? If not, we can help.

  • Is the design of your plan aligned with established goals?
  • Is there a better option to get your participants engaged?
  • Is your plan compliant with current regulations?
  • Have you benchmarked your retirement plan fees?
  • Do you have continual investment review?
  • Are the investments in your platform appropriate and fiduciary sound?
  • Do you have ongoing, engaging employee retirement plan education?
  • Do your participants receive individualized attention?
  • Is your enrollment process easy?
  • Is your advisor focused on your needs?

Personal attention and immediate service

Our role is to ensure you can focus your efforts on running your business, rather than fielding questions from employees on how to invest. When you or your employees call our office, you will be greeted by a friendly voice and receive immediate attention. We work for you AND your participants. Our team will take care of your employees’ financial questions.

You like what you’ve seen. What’s next?

Whether you are thinking about adopting a retirement plan for your company or realize that a closer look at your current plan is necessary, Stonebridge Financial Partners can help.

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