Business Liquidity

Is your business your largest asset? At Stonebridge Financial Partners, we understand business owners have a majority of their wealth invested in their business. Often, the CEOs and entrepreneurs we work with have achieved financial success, by growing their business to meet their needs or even financial independence.  We find that while most business owners are extremely successful growing their business, they struggle with transitioning out of the business whether it is through passing the business to the next generation, having employees become stakeholders of the business, or selling to an outside party. By transferring wealth away from their firms, our clients are able to take some chips off the table, diversify their family’s portfolio, and find the time to pursue what is most important to them. With having a discussion on how your ideal transition would look like and combing your customized wealth plan, we help our clients structure their business transfer to achieve the financial freedom that they are looking for.  We work with our clients current business professionals or partner with industry leaders to help our clients prepare their businesses for their eventual exit and enjoy more of their wealth today and in the future.