At Stonebridge Financial Partners, part of our vision is to provide P.O.W.E.R.™ for your retirement.

Peace of Mind

Regardless of a plan’s technical merit, it isn’t truly beneficial unless it provides the Peace of Mind that comes from having a solid plan. Peace of mind comes from having confidence, and confidence comes from having a clear understanding of what you have and where you are in relation to your goals and concerns. One of our primary goals is to develop a plan that focuses on providing you with Peace of Mind. With this goal in mind, our team will run long-term cash flows based on your specific goals and driven by your Family Index Number. With a team of CPAs, attorneys, insurance experts and investment professionals, your Wealth Advisor works with your Wealth Enhancement Group to deliver their expertise of your financial needs.


In order to have Peace of Mind in your plan you must be organized. The Retirement Navigator System™ is designed to keep you organized and up-to-date.

Wealth Coaching

We offer our clients a number of Wealth Coaching tools to help increase their confidence regarding their overall plan. We even have a theatre in our office to provide market updates and educational workshops.

Exceptional Reporting

Through exceptional reporting you can track your progress and know where you stand in relation to your goals. Knowing where you are and where you are trying to go is one thing, keeping score to make sure you are on track enhances your

Reviews & Rebalancing

We encourage our clients to meet at least annually to review their plan and to rebalance their portfolio if it is needed. This annual rebalancing is in addition to our ongoing proactive management throughout the year.